Man Vs. Wall

Pro-Control was looking for a good way to challenge soccer players to engage with it’s systems. Leclerec Brothers, wrote a spot that pits man against machine. The challenge here was to create a dynamic lighting scheme that would allow us to give life to the machine, provide a sense of drama, and give us the ability to move quickly. Shooting high speed at 240fps meant we had to be very careful with our lighting sources. I researched and selected some high speed safe 10,000K flouro bulbs, we wired these in sequence at the base of each “target wall” these gave us a pool of light around each wall, and washed them with a nice blue light. Working hard with photo metrics and collaborating with my Best Boy, I worked up a lighting diagram that achieved the creative look required and balanced the power draw as well. Chris Leclerec, had a vision for the system “powering up” which meant we had to carefully design our wiring patch to give us maximum efficiency and total control over each part of the system. I did overheads for all the lighting and power and handed them off to my best boy and gaffer to execute on the pre-light day. I showed up and we were 90% there, tweak a few intensities, and it was ready to “Roll Camera!”

Client: Pro-Control
Directors: Leclerec Brothers
Director of Photography: Kendal Miller

Pro cont