Flatfoot 56 “Courage”

When Flatfoot 56 approached me about Directing the music video for their song “Courage”, I was really excited. The themes of hard work, and sacrifice really spoke to me. As someone who grew up with a father working in construction I can really appreciate the sacrifices it takes to raise a family. I wanted this piece to be an homage to men and women every where who worked thankless, dangerous shifts to give their families a future. This was my first foray into a heavy VFX project that required an extensive team to execute. I was challenged and learned a lot through this process. I worked very closely with my DP Chris Gearhart of Lakeview Productions here in Chicago to design the lighting and overheads for the performance component of the shoot. By doing our homework we were able to walk on set with a diagram and pre-rig and light everything. When the band arrived we were 90% there, refocus, and adjust a few intensities and it was time to roll camera. Due to the heavy post that was required for this project we shot everything on the RedMX camera, for the performance side of things we used Zeiss Super Speeds to help maintain exposure for the night exterior. For a more in depth look into the lighting process you can read a full break down on the entire process at Pro Video Coalition.

Client: Flatfoot 56
Agency: Goldmill Records
Director: Kendal Miller
DP: Chris Gearhart