Who Am I ?

I'm a visual artist.

I’m passionate about storytelling, and creating. Whether its directing, or shooting I love the process, the work, and the reward.  Creating is a long arduous task to work towards and achieve, but the rewards are unrelenting. What is that compels someone to work long hours sometimes with little sleep or food, working in cold or unforgiving circumstances, waiting patiently for the moment when the light plays perfectly in the right spot? Passion for the craft. You must work hard to hone your craft, a constant student of your subject, always ready to learn  never willing to quit, the first one on set, and the last to leave, a diligent hand ready and willing to work. You must be willing to take and give advice, provide leadership by example, extend and receive respect. This is my job, and I love it!

"Every child is an artist, the challenge is to remain an artist once we grow up."

Pablo Picasso

My Work

Heroes fight villains, hunger shouldn’t be one of them.

Part of a recruiting campaign that Ozinga Bros ran on regional broadcast.

Sometimes executing an idea that is very simple requires a deliberate touch.

A brand film for Providence Bank.

Sometimes how you finish, is determined by how you start.

Motivated handheld work, while tricky to execute can make a scene come to life.

A fashion film, from the country of Turkey.

Spent the day with my son playing in the snow, hey it can't all be about work.

Where passion meets purpose.

A high speed commercial for the exquisite Naledi Bridal Collection.

Ozinga Brothers brand film, take on the day.

A montage showcasing the beauty of Myanmar.

Pro-Control Commercial 30 sec. spot.

What will you leave behind?

Cuyana Showcases Their Summer Line

A glimpse into the design process for Cuyana's Weekender Bag.

Live concert video filmed in Chicago.

Sometimes getting away from our past seems impossible.

A sizzle reel of past work.

Deconstructing a scene from, "The Nest"

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